Car Air Freshener
We offer products for individual customers,

companies, and retail chains.

As a manufacturer of
promotional air fresheners,
we ensure
The highest quality
Tested raw material
Proven cooperation models
Professional service
Air fresheners as promotional products
A low-cost solution
100% custom-made
Maximum use of the promotional surface
Availability in any shape and size
Identifying the shape and scent with the company’s brand or profile
Formation of positive and lasting associations
Label as additional space for your advertisement
Product specifications
Minimum thickness: 2 mm
Highly-absorbent premium material
Full colour on both sides (with additional special colours available)
Every air freshener is individually wrapped in a barrier film bag
Every product comes with elastic in a colour of your choice
Air fresheners are available in 200 standard shapes with 16 basic fragrances
An individual label design on chalk overlay paper
Air fresheners must be kept out of reach of children. Do not allow contact with plastic materials or textiles. Protect your eyes and mouth. Hang air fresheners using the attached hook or elastic, and wash your hands after hanging. The ordering party undertakes to inform their customers about the above precautions.

The range of fragrances is unlimited:
from coffee or Christmas apple pie to exotic mango taking you on a distant journey.
Our basic assortment includes 16 exciting, most popular fragrances.

green apple
new car
pacific air
green tea
black coffee
million - for him
Agelique - for her
passion - for her
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